I don't drive and I don't have a smartphone, and I still feel anxious and wound-up all the time. I remember, as a child, most adults seemed to occasionally become overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, and frustration.

I don't think anything has really changed. People were saying life was "too hectic" as far back as I can remember, and they were blaming technology for making it that way too (television was once the prime culprit).

Nor is there anything at all new about teens not getting enough sleep. When I was a teen, which was back in the 1980s, I rarely got more than 6 hours' sleep.

There are some pretty big drawbacks that I can see though, and one of them is that people spend money they don't have, or should be saving, on these gadgets because of social pressure. This, at a time when good jobs are increasingly hard to come by, job security in the jobs that remain is at an all-time low, and very few people (even those earning middle incomes) have any savings for emergencies or retirement.