My parents most likely feel the same way and have not embraced technology like I have which is less than my kids will.

This is what I was talking about when I mentioned that many generations look down on the technology of the generations that come later.

For example, HD tv offers the same shows but at a higher resolution (less damage to the eyes, for one thing) and often at a much lower cost in energy.

Also, every time you call someone you potentially take them from something hey are working on, causing a loss of focus. If it is for a trivial matter, one could argue that making a phone call is rude. The telephone is intrusive in other ways as well. Here's an example: I'm trying to put my kids to bed and they are right on the brink of sleep when the phone rings. If it's an emergency then fine but if it is not, it would be much more polite to simply text me with a message such as "Call me when you get a chance". My kids fall asleep and I call back after...