A couple things.

1. Very good points.

2. Replace cell phones with cars... Take someone's car and they are anxious and lost. Put someone in a car and they all of a sudden lose all rational patience and can even become violent. Does this relate? Cars kill far more people than cell phones but road rage and car addiction (using the car even for distances that would require very little time walking) also have other consequences. Lack of vitamin D is a problem up here in Canada but the car plays a major part (go from indoors to the inside of a car back to indoors, back into the car, back indoors, etc). Obesity is also a huge problem at the moment and again very much related to the car (we drive everywhere and would normally have walked and though we eat extremely disgusting food that lacks severely in nutrition, many people also get virtually no exercise because they drive everywhere and that could arguably be contributing more to obesity than bad food as we can eat badly and exercise and still be healthy but eating well with no exercise can still result in obesity). Obesity and it's related issues cause huge economic stress in lack of productivity, medical bills (which affect the finances of both governments and families/people), etc. Another issue is cost. The cost of a vehicle is fairly high and I see many poor families, in the city where a car is not necessary, merely convenient, driving around and have to wonder what they are sacrificing to have the car. If it's food then they are hurting themselves and their children by neglecting health (not to mention the economy in general who will have to pay for the health care).

3. Every generation is weary of the technology of the next generation. People used to complain about the waste of time that were books when printing presses became widespread enough. Then radio was stealing the life from everyone, then tv and video games, now cell phones. When my kids are older and still rocking the cell, what technology will they be weary of that currently doesn't exist and for which they will provide all sorts of examples of how damaging it is (which will largely be ignored by the age group engaging in said activities).

I'm addicted to my cell and will probably go crazy. It's fine by me though. On top of not wanting to hurt others, one of the reasons I don't own a car anymore is that I like to be able to read the news on my cell on the way to work, or text people, respond to emails, etc. Actually, I'm lying, I read everything on my tablet that get's its internet from my cell via mobile access point :)