Our family lives in new zealand. We have the same problems here. Schools in nz conceal and minimise. bullying to protect their schools reputation. Schools here are zoned, which means your child has to attend the school closest to your home. In march last year our son was chased and tripped by a gang of boys who kicked and punched him, one strangling him from behind. The school has been disappointinly adversarial and now is claiming to us and the authorities that the attack on our son never happened. Even though other children witnessed the attack. It is very difficult to get any justice with bullying here. They have introduced 'restorative justice' which basically abdicates the bullies of all ownership of their behaviour. We have alternately been told our son is not 'resilient enough' and even that he attracted the attack because he has low spiritual energy. The school even allowed a charity group to run a course titled 'Be kind to bullies' that included the same worded stickers handed out for children to wear. We are looking at moving our children to another school. But most schools have the same victim blaming attitude and seem to be supported by the very organisations that should be supporting chldrens interests, to deny and conceal violence in schools. We are not a child-friendly country, nor are we good at giving our children a voice. We have just had a story in the news of a
man who abused children in different roles in different
schools over 30 years. No body learns a thing here.

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