My child (15 yr old boy/freshman ) turned a child in anonymously for smoking at school. The child was blowing it in his face and was smoking in the gym. Idk how the gym teacher didn't see this! The child was taken out by the school resource officer. He got extremely mad and for some reason they let him back in class. He then threatened my son (how did he know he turned him in?) My son asked a teacher to separate them for his protection. Long story short my son was beat up!! He should have been protected after asking for them to and the boy shouldn't have ever been let back in there! I was called and they told me and my son had he defended himself he would have gone to alternative school. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Today he was jumped by THREE! boys, one being the other boys brother. He again didn't defend hisself out of fear of reprocusions. The 3 boys were only suspended! Buy my child was told he would have worse punishment if he defended hisself! (We were not called, and both times he was told he wasnt allowed to tell us who did it! Of course he told us!) He says next time he will, but he's scared of throwing away his involvement in FFA (a school agricultural program) He has stayed after school every single day working hard for FFA for 2 solid months! Has competed in 3 competitions, including state level, and is going to nationals! So he can defend hisself and give that up or keep getting beat up and throw that away (including the awards and scholarships that go with it)! This is heartbreaking what do we do? I suggested suing the school. (I've never sued a sole). My son begged us not to because another family did and that child wasn't allowed to participate in anything out of the schools fear of being sued again. It's a catch 22. Also, home school doesn't have FFA. He says he'd rather be beat up! (We are planning on pressing charges on the guys that beat him up and are going to the school in the morning and demanding a meeting. They didn't contact us today after he was jumped by 3 and we didn't know til late due to him having a competition tonight)
P.S. he was hit with an air soft bullet the first week of school. We assume (by the sting of it) that it came out of an air soft gun. They didn't call us and they didn't do anything about it but put up more cameras. He was the 5th student hit.
Sorry it's so long, but I need advice!

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