I've just survived as a parent, being totally abandoned as soon as I began to report the bullying of my child.

Two suggestions:
a. If the bullying is verbal, put a microphone on your kid. I
wish I had done that. I was so amazed to wake up in a
school culture straight out of the first book of the Claudine series as written by Collette, I forgot all about modern technology. I relied on e-mails and texts to report my data, all of which are still in my possession, but I think a microphone would have been far more effective as the bully herself turned everything on my kid, and then me. Her parents do business with the school, my family had just moved here. No winning there.

b. Homeschool. I live in Scott Walker's WI. He was elected
by the majority who bothered to vote to finish their work and
to put the final nails in the coffin of the educational system
here. I've paid forward for many years for the
education of other people's children here in WI before my
spouse and I had our child, and I am so sickened to realize
my money is sending these kids into psychological torture all across the state readily available in far too many schools. I
believe many schools are using the propensity of children to police themselves all Lord of the Flies like, on purpose.

Of course, since I also volunteered in the class, I did see
what the parents are sending in. Not good. Not good at all.

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