Hi, great article.

Many years ago, my son was bullied and ended up having emergency surgery as a consequence of an incident.
The school glossed over my previous warnings/concerns; ignored my son's reporting of bullying prior to incident; treated 'us' like nothings until I called a meeting with all senior staff at the school. I presented them with all of the paperwork covering their duties of caring for my child while he was in their schooling environment (in other words - their legal obligation to my son and their neglect of such).

End result - policy changes regarding bullying, removed my son from the school and home-schooled him for a while. After the meeting, the school received a solicitors letter putting the school on notice re: their negligence. I received praise from many teachers and parents (even though I didn't talk publicly about this scenario) for my concerted effort to change and correct responses to bullying in the school.

I never sued the school - I wanted an immediate shift to occur in their attitude to bullying and it worked - for all of the children/students.

My son has a disability and a mother who is devoted to his happiness, safety and seeing that he is (like all children) respected for having the right to be protected from harm and advocated for when they need us to. All children deserve nothing less.

I wish other parent commenters here all of the very best in reaching a place of happiness, safety and overall wellbeing for themselves and their children. Never give up being your child's best advocate, and always be armed with the facts and the laws when you are trying to solve a bullying issue.

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