It is so sad to see what is happening to our kids today. Bullying has always been prevalent in the UK and whilst now in my 50s I can recall the dread of going to my East London. School. I am now successful and have significant assets and standard of living. I have 4 kids. As an early teenager I did think about ending it all and my mum and dad had no idea of the desperation I felt.
All to often reporting an incident is a problem for the school. Hence frankly the head teacher does not have the guts to tackle the issue in hand.
This situation is not happening in other schools in Europe. I socialise with many international businessmen and this issue is far worse in the UK than for example Switzerland. The reason is simple its tolerance of unacceptable behaviour and this is prevalent in all walks of society.
In the 1950s sailors fighting in Malta would stop to let an old couple pass, not so today.
There is only one way to solve the problem and that is to get tough. Pressurise your school to action rather than the soft option. If that fails look to alternate solutions. Fight fire with fire. Other than emigration what choices do you have. My daughter is 7. She is experiencing this problem this week and I see the head teacher in the morning with a sense of " please take the problem away" time will dictate my solutions but it is sad in 40 years there have been countless loss of life and little has been learned by he teaching profession on this point. Despite lots of publicity and talk there is little action to solve the problem. If you build a house of sticks and it falls down. Next time you don't do the same thing again.
Learn and move on its what we all do. That's learning. So it amazing the teaching profession has so much talk about the problem but so little action. I guess that's politics. Wake up and deal with the issue it is the lack of power to the teachers in schools that allows this situation to persist. Those that would be kindly are causing untold pain to many who are just trying to learn. I will solve my position one way or another with school help or not. However I feel for many who are not in a position to adopt such an approach and it is incumbent upon the authority to face up to the issue and deal with it instead of cowering behind policy and political correctness.

Never be apologetic for fighting for your child as much as you can. It is after all your duty and purpose of life.

Good luck

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