We'd have a better world if only those who wanted children (and were emotionally and monetarily able and ready to raise them carefully and willingly) would have them. Childfree men are a varied and interesting group.

I'll be interested as to which sociologists are mouthpieces for the Catholic Church. Thanks for the mention of that "documentary." We all need to speak up more about the big pedophile-ridden church that is trying to take away choice of ANY birth control from all of us.

Let us never forget that if birth control is taken away from us not only will the choice of being childfree be taken from us but the choice to limit the number of children to the number you want. The planet will be paved over if everyone is forced to have 20+ children as often happened in the pre-birth control past.

I find it frightening that Rick Santorum who is opposed to all birth control and trying to foist Catholic Church law on all of us is considered a mainstream politician. The famous Upton Sinclair warned us that the Roman Catholic Church's own doctrines outlined their intent to take away civil law and replace it with Catholic Church law. Too many of his predictions have and are coming to pass.

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