I'm glad you addressed this. You don't see any articles on this unless you actively search for them. If you passively look at articles, it's always about childfree women, with the rare occasion of one about childfree men.

I have faced the discrimination just because I'm a childfree male. We know they are not allowed to do, but it does happen. Every time I go for an interview, they ask the question. Of course, I tell them that I'm a single male with no children. Almost immediately, the interview stops there, and there is never any response even if I call them to get an update. If they do response, it's always that the opening was filled. Now, I tell them that I don't feel comfortable telling them about my family life. Same result happens.

At my current job, I'm the only single male. Sure, there are other males, but they're all married with children. Who gets the extra work? Of course, me. Try to object or use my seniority, "Oh you. You don't have any responsibilities anyway since you're single and have no children." Guy leaves early saying something wrong with their children (70% of the time, they admit to lying about it to leave early), again, same result. It's not like I'm the horrible worker that needs to be penalized. My recent annual evaluation turned up to be almost perfect. Only one person got a better evaluation than me, which was the perfect single mother (and she deserved it, she's a very hard worker, not only at her job, but as a mother!)

Do people just see us as having no life? I do more than what people think. Included are volunteering, helping family members with things they need done, and even watching other people's pets while they're away. There are times when I do nothing but sit away the entire weekend watching T.V. and listening to music. But that's my free time, I'm entitled to it. It's not all that I do. Even if a person did have no life, it wouldn't matter. It's that person's life. They shouldn't be automatically judged because of it.

Do I need to be penalized because I chose not to marry and have the 2.5 children, the dog, the cat, the SUV, and the white picket fence? Do I really need to be negatively stereotyped automatically upon the person knowing I'm a single, childfree male?

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