I posted to one of your previous articles. I'm the childless bachelor who is an alumni and employee of USM. The Catholic church has produced a documentary called "Demographic Winter". The documentary details many of the points you make in this article. It has sociologists stating that childless bachelors are immature. It also has economists stating that we aren't producing enough consumers to drive the economy, and that is the real cause of the recession. When I was an undergraduate, we had a part time faculty member who was also the head of a state agency. He told the class that they prefer to hire married men with children, that they are less prone to quit due to their obligations of family. He said single males are more prone to quit due to the b.s. and office politics, that single males didn't have the pressure of family to keep them at the job. He wasn't that blunt, he got his message across, though. I've had married friends with children tell me that they wanted to quit or switch jobs, they had the responsibility of a family, though. I wonder how many employers know this? You can see the documentary on youtube.

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