While I agree many conditions in children are overdiagnosed, this is flat wrong. This is like saying why complain about obesity, do you want people to be starved skeletons. Or the inverse, anorexia is fine because the alternative is being a fat lazy lump, right? Like many other things, it's a matter of extremes when a middle ground is needed. ADHD is not "kids having short attention spans". ADHD is kids, and later teenagers, and adults, often being unable to concentrate or get things done even when they work their hardest at it, even simple fun things like talking to a friend or playing a game are hard to focus on. And yes, in some cases it might have social causes that medication can't or shouldn't be used to fix, but I don't think that's all the time. Ritalin does not take all the joy out of life or turn kids into mindless, emotionless couch potatoes with no energy. Some drugs have worse side effects for some people, but that's a matter of choosing which one, or none, to take on an individual basis, not implying anyone who uses them lacks humanity.

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