Two years ago I moved to a very small town (pop 842). The couple next door is in their 70's and although distance seemed normal enough. The first year I was quite ill and took no notice of their coming or going. But this second year I started walking and found some frightening evidence of human bones. When they noticed me out walking they quickly came out and were next to me in a flash. They claimed they were deer bones but I use to be a nurse and I know the difference. Luckily for me they do not know that. About a month ago they asked me to keep an eye on their house because they were going on vacation and if anybody came around to call their son who only lives down the road. What I haven't said yet is that they have a butcher shop of sorts on their property (about 100 ft from their house) that an air conditioner runs 27/7. The day after they left for vacation I started snooping and was able to pick the lock of the butcher shop. Among the saw and axes I found a human lower jaw. Do I called the police and admit to breaking and entering? From what I see it is about twice a year that father and son go down to the butcher shop about 2 in the morning and are there most of the night. They usually spend about 4 hours a day for the next 4 to 5 days in the butcher shop.

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