To the folks who have docked tail dogs, the article was not suggesting that your dogs are aggressive, poorly behaved or under socialized because their tails have been removed. What it is suggesting is that perhaps other dogs may react less than positively to a dog who doesn't have a tail and is therefore unable to communicate with that appendage.

I live with dogs who have tails and two dogs who's tails were docked before I got them and I definitely notice a difference in the way the dogs with tails behave with each other versus the way they behave with the docked dogs. In addition, having both varieties I find that it can be significantly more difficult for me to read signals of the docked dogs when I'm looking at them head on.

Dogs use their tails right from birth. I had a female schnauzer who had pups years ago and I knew that the custom was to dock the pups tails but one of them was wagging away as he was nursing the very day after he was born and I just didn't have the stomach to have the puppies altered in that way.

I think that sometimes ear cropping and tail docking are traditions that are continued without a practical purpose this day in age. Obviously there are medical emergencies that require amputation but for the most part it seems to be done for fashion. I look forward to the day when North America follows Europe's example and dispenses with these unnecessary procedures.