Thanks for sharing your feelings. I am sorry that you are in a lot of pain and that the post was not what you were looking for. I had a little trouble being clear about the time line and your situation (e.g., I was unclear if you have been married since your lost your 'true' love). It is not uncommon to grieve the loss of a true love for a year or more after the break-up. A person has to come to accept the magnitude of the loss and give up the fantasies that it is really not over. But each relationship is different and each of us are different and we need to be able heal at our own pace. Ask yourself "How do you want to grieve?" "What would it take and how long for you to be ready to move on?"and "Are you responding to this loss in a maladaptive way, one that is stunting your growth?" If you don't know the answers to these questions (they are not easy), then find a friend or counselor you trust and begin the process of exploring your answers to them.


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