Interesting, that has made me see things a little differently.
Money is indeed "a means to an end and not an end in itself" as my father often said.
My own fear / motivator was the perceived risk of homelessness and possible starvation, a belief that I am responsible for my own destiny. In the UK I think the overwhelming belief now is that there is a right for the individual to be protected from destitution by the state, society or whatever (not wholly unreasonable).
However it seems likely that attitude creates both an obstacle to personal improvement and a sense of injustice by those who feel the rich are somehow undeserving of wealth - despite the efforts and sacrifices usually required in achieving it.(not helped by recent financial events, of course).
Unfortunately it becomes difficult to help others when faced with this double whammy because the very people who would benefit from your article are likely to have a subconcious objection to making money (unless they win the lottery strangely?). In fact I suspect it is now becoming antisocial to be "better off".
I look forward to future articles.