I greatly enjoyed your post. I have always been a perfectionist and procrastinator. I'm also OCD and, perhaps related to these issues, ADD. I've gotten As all through school, and now I'm burned out toward the end of my school career. I'm at the point where I barely put the effort in to learn: If it's even the least bit difficult, I chalk it up to my professor not teaching properly, and I want to be personally tutored and have my hand held to learn the material. To my own defense, it is difficult material for most people in my classes. But some people put in the effort to teach themselves, and I just don't. It just seems too hard and like I'm never going to achieve my goal of learning the material well enough to do well in the class and use it in my career someday. It's so frustrating. Sometimes I wonder if I'm actually just lazy and making excuses for it.

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