I used to have the 'perfectionist' thing going on. My mother even told me that I didn't speak as a young child and she was quite concerned and wondered if I had some kind of physical disability, until the day I started speaking....but I spoke in complete sentences, like I had been speaking my whole life (or at least the little life I had lead up until then :)

I cured myself of that (and other beliefs) by using a process called FasterEFT. There are several free videos on Youtube about it. It is a technique that uses your memories, when you would have assigned 'meanings' to events, about who you are, the way the world is, how you 'should' respond, etc. By using this process, and you can follow along on the Youtube videos, you release the emotions and thoughts that you invented at that time, and it releases in the present.

Thank you for writing about it and how you have approached it.

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