As a sheltered girl from a small farming town, moving to the Bay area was a huge change for me. I was exposed to high rent, insane traffic, and a lot of new responsibilities as an independent adult. It all seemed so difficult and impossible. I wanted to give up several times and throw it all away. My family was also not supportive of my decision to leave, scaring me into all the things that can go wrong in a huge, expensive city. After graduating college with honors, I found a great job at Stanford University, a prestigious university located in Palo Alto. Despite this amazing news, I was petrified of the position. I was so fearful of the commute, parking, and being successful at the work. It made me sick to my stomach and I dreaded work daily. I kept thinking to myself, "Why are you so ungrateful? This is a perfect job and you were chosen!" The thoughts kept my mind racing and my heart rate extremely high, that I almost regretted everything. I wanted to quit and give up on the dream. Luckily, these online resources saved me and kept me afloat. I realized that I am not alone and this is natural. I will continue forward and hope that whoever reads this feels worthwhile, confident and more encouraged from reading this comment.

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