I am 65 and am in the process of selling my hairdressing business
i have had for 40 years. It has come to the signing of the contract, and all of a sudden i don't want to sign, i am just like a rabbit in the headlights, filled with anxiety. I have no family, i lost my brother last July he was the last of my family,
now selling my business seems to me another loss. The sensible part of me realises i haven't been coping with running it properly for a while. I have a partner who is younger than me and still works, so i would spend alot of time on my own, but i don't think it's that, it just feels like if i sign the contract, it will be too late to change my mind, and i will go mad with anxiety !! I have seen a therapist and she has tried to help me,
but i seem to go around in circles, going from thinking yes i can
do this, to complete panick at the thoughts of it. Time is running out i have to decide. Help please !!

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