I love that this article exists but I'm a trained method actor who converted to Mamet's practical acting, which deals less with emotion and characterization, because I didn't believe my emotions as genuine and realized that an audience full of neo cortexes could also spot a phony emotion. So I'm afraid I must disagree with the emotional-regulation skill as being an effective acting tool. In real life can you spontaneously evoke an emotion? Not with honesty. Acting skill comes from deliberate practice and a subconscious "flow" as Mihaly Csinkszentmihalyi would put it. An actor cognitively trying to portray an emotion will fail. There is a "zone" that actors must enter where they are not a character but are an actor unaware of acting, like a pro football quarterback in a 2:00 drill. Yes, alturism is a major part of this and pre-rehearsal work on goals and strategies are necessary. But good actors know they must act as humans act, we do not seek emotional responses from our selves but emotion is the result of thought, the basis of CBT. Actors can honestly portray emotion by letting emotions be as spontaneous as they are in life. Reading The Practical Handbook for Actors will help reshape your theories.