And I am learning him as well as he is learning himself and his limitations. I let him brush his teeth but I sit and watch him and have "my turn" at brushing his teeth while guiding his little hand with mine. This morning I didn't get him dressed because he is's hard because when I do it, it's faster.
After my son was born, I sat in my room and wept while nursing him because I never want him to feel pain or get hurt. I think this is a feeling every parent has and it's programmed in us as an instinct. The hardest part of parenting is learning when to let go in certain situations so the child will learn what not to do and suffer the consequence of possibly getting hurt.

I overcompensated since my son was born because his father wouldn't pay attention to him, because I feared it would hurt him, but now he is a product of that overcompensation but I still wouldn't change anything I have done, I never regret, just learn and move on :)