I feel your pain. I experienced a very bad case of ill-treatment at the first zoo/wildlife rehabilitation job I worked at. I moved on from there and saw that this is an epidemic and every person I've talked to (except the horrible people that will do anything to get ahead) have said the same thing. They take advantage of the he people that are drawn to this field because we care and they get away with the bad treatment because they just say the field is competitive and they can replace you the next day. It truly is awful and if the public really knew what went on behind the scenes of these places they'd be appalled. Even the big corporate zoo's, it's everywhere! I'm still in the field, 20 years now, but it has worn me out and I've lost a lot faith in people. I wish people could park their egos and focus on what were doing which is supposed to working towards conservation, but it's not about that at all. I'm considering changing careers because I'm disgusted by what I've seen.

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