It's interesting for those of us who've been at both ends of the spectrum - I was very severe (non-verbal, constant meltdowns, unable to do basic things such as feed myself or use the bathroom myself, severe sensory sensitivity, perceived as having an low IQ, etc.) whereas now I'm almost indistinguishable from someone who is neurotypical (verbal, live independently, high IQ, etc.)

I say almost as there are many ways I need support, and I simply don't get it - I have severe executive dysfunction, ADHD so severe I can barely read any more, etc. There are also a multitude of things I can't clearly identify or understand to even know what help I need. When I'm perceived as less challenged it means I get less support, and worse is that people are less likely to make accommodations such as granting me access to welfare - as someone who is less severe I'm considered quirky with personality flaws, rather than with real needs.

It drives me all the more mad when people insist on telling me I don't know what it's like to be severely Autistic, between our own people and so-called allies it seems we're in a constant fight between different tribes both within Autism and outside our community.

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