I'm not saying i don't like you I don't no u but my experince with that group online has been bad .they want to speak for all of us .i been getting help all my life n still get whatever my parents can find once I became hf it deaf is harder as an adult even though I'm not hf in all area .people can tell I have autism or something pretty quick after meting moor trying to speak to me I still struggle in conversion an my mom try to give me social cues to help .but my friends mom really get annoyed with self Dx people or those who never need any help to get along with out any help I would still be in my own world somewhat non verbose echoic an stinging all time so that we're me an my group comming from .i know my autism make me come off lower f at time it like the boss of me I try but it hard an people can be so rude dumb an ingorent .the way they talk an treat me .the one that don't really no me

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