Hello, my name is Christine and I am a mother of a 10 yr old girl who has had great difficulty in school learning to read, it wasn't until recently that she was tested and diagnosed with specific learning disability and had been referred to an IEP meeting and recommended to be placed in RSP. I as a parent am having great difficulty deciding whether this is the best choice or not for my daughter. See, as a parent I also see other reasons my child has not learned to read at the level she should be. Since she started preschool she was always missing school due to headaches or sinus problems which would cut her actual instructional school year time short, also as a working mother I was always to tired to really sit and help my daughter with her homework and would instead rush through it and give her answers at times even completing it for her, which I have now realized I did no benefit to her. In kindergarten I requested to hold her back because I felt she was not ready to continue to 1st grade and by the end of the second year of kinder she had not advanced any from the first year. My daughter now, although she sits and try's to learn and do homework on her own most of the time, she also spends much time on YouTube and minecraft or drawing which is a high interest for her might I add, she seeks to pursue a career in art one day. now I feel that my lack of giving her the attention and time to teach her is the reason that she has not succeeded in learning to read.so I sit here a concerned parent whether my child truly has a disability and needs the extra help or if the extra help she needs is the attention I lacked to give her in reteaching the material and instead letting her spend her days on iPads and phones. Is RSP truly the right choice for her ?

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