I must say that I really appreciate this article as it highlights exactly what is visible in our classrooms today. There are so many students who are gifted, however, they too are faced with learning problems. Many would wonder if this is even possible, "how can a gifted child have learning difficulties?"

As mentioned in the article, what we fail to understand as educators and parents, is that even though a child is classified as gifted, it's usually only in a few areas not all. They may be good at reading music and playing several instruments but they fail to read a passage fluently and answer questions at the various levels of comprehension.

Some of these students overtime may improve on other skills but this can only be done if they get the help they really need. First of all, before labeling the child he/she should be tested to know for sure if the child has learning problem. Programs should also be developed by schools to assist these students in reaching their highest potential.

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