Excellent article as a mother of 4 children with specific learning difficulties I will say this is great advice. But what concerns me is that my grandson not quite 5 has been told he has ADHD and needs drugs by a teacher. My daughter has taken advice from 2 GPS who both agree he does not. Its 25 yrs since they said the same thing to me about my children of whom I found 1 with very high IQ but language difficulties, 1 with Dyslexia, 1 hyperactive but a brilliant gymnast, 1 with speech/languages problems but a gifted artist all now adults and doing extremely well, after my teaching them from home myself and then going to alternative education they have become successful adults.
As an adult educator the first we do if find out the learning style of the adult we are teaching. Why do they still continue to use this box to put children in, many parents feel devastated by this mis diagnoses and trust that teachers are right, I am looking forward to a big change in society to finally stop this. I had parents at my children's school calling us the ADD family, so ignorant. My talent son who is an artist has the worst handwriting and they tried to fix it and I finally said no seeing the talent he had was more important than his handwriting. My dyslexic son is a brilliant chef and very creative. My oldest son has a top job with high income and plays many sports and a good community leader, and I am very much aware of how disaster could have struck them with emotional and behaviour problems if I had left them in school. Its not an option for everyone, but professional help and advice is essential for the child wellbeing in the system we currently have in schools.

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