Thanks so very much for this post; infact, all your posts. I am a single mum of two boys: the eldest is gifted but lazy, and my youngest has severe haemophilia. I have my hands full, but I know I've been given care of my children because I can cope with it and I'm to learn from them.

I bang my head against a metaphoric wall with my eldest, the elf. He breezes through things and avoids all things that require ANY effort - which is very little. I am beside myself with knowing how to get him motivated enough to want to try and work on weaknesses. The problem is, I don't know how to do it myself. LOL

I was a gifted child who grew, through lack of support, into a very underachieving adult. For me to shine a light for my son, I need to know how to successfully reconcile this issue. And I've no idea - at all!

Your posts are helping me become aware. There is nothing like this sort of help in Australia. There is plenty of ussport for low IQ children, but zilch for high performers. There are private shcools, but they spoon feed and don't teach work ethics. They teach entitlement and privelage, which would make matters worse.

I've decided over time that all I can do is the best I can, for that will be all that is required. That will teach my son to look in the face of diffculty and try his best, even if it means missing the mark. I'd rather employ a person who tries and doesn't give up than an incredibly bright spark who doesn't care about effort. Maybe I am not such a horrid mum after all??!

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