I have a lot of symptoms of ADD (not ADHD) but I'm afriad to go to a psychiatrist for fear they think I'm just there for adderall which seems to be the big college drug these days.

I can't tell whether its just my personality or if I actually have different wiring in my brain. I also have some generalized anxiety and I'm an introvert and I don't know how much this plays into it, too.I'm forgetful - I lose gloves, keys, hats every week though generally I do find them again ;) I misssed out on an entire story last week and didn't come back from daydreaming until the last sentence. I didn't even realize how much I missed until my husband retold the entire story. I daydream a lot. I've always been last minute, can lose track of time, and only in the last year have I gotten better about being on time because my job requires me to be on the dot. I have difficulty speaking sometimes because I can't think of the words and I get flustered.
When I'm really interested in something I can get hyperfocused and lose track of time that way, too. In the mistakes I made careless mistakes on tests (i.e. put the decimal in the wrong place) but again I've gotten a little better because my job requires it of me.

However, I'm not impulsive unless I'm anxious and I'm pretty good at organing and planning.

Do I have ADD? DO I need medication? Or is it anxiety? Or is it just characteristics of an introvert? AM I a hypochondriac? HAHA, maybe I'm just going crazy.