self-soothing - a term used by parents who can't be bothered to do their job. You did not teach them how to sleep you forced your children to realize you do not care, you will not come for them, they cannnot trust you and they evenually GAVE UP on you - something that will stick with them FOREVER. I'm glad you feel bad, you should. All of you defending this method should. You are not talking about 5 minutes or 10 minutes but full on "exhaust yourself by crying and I'm going to ignore you because it suits me". You mothers are lazy, self-concerned and obviously choosing to ignore the damage you have done to your children for your own convenience. Ya, ya, "they're fine", "they're independent" blah blah. I don't buy it - I guarantee those children have a lesser start in life and YOU are to blame. How do you know what kind of person that child would be if you chose to do what you signed up for and actually took care of that child - even if you wanted sleep, even if you believed raising a child would be easy - you should have known what was best without being told. Shame on all of you!!!!! My son, as a baby, was NEVER left to wonder why we decided not to help him, why we left him all by himself, never left to cry by himself - frankly I don't know how cold your hearts are to be able to do that. FYI he is now 3, is the best sleeper ever and has been sleeping through the night since he was younger than 6 months, even naps like a champ still. He is independent, smart, brave, strong and knows we love him. He has never thrown a temper tantrum, is not spoiled and is the most confident 3 year old. He is not clingy, is not a 'mama's boy' and is the most social child you would want to meet. I don't even want to think how different he would be if we had decided to be selfish and ignore him as so many of you are defending. My son is living proof - believe this article or not. I see so many of my 'friends' children, those who are lazy like you women, and you can see the difference almost immediately - these are the children with learning issues, behavioural disorders, ADD, ADHD, etc....again, living proof. "self-soothe" - what a line of crap. GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR BABIES!!!!

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