Hi Emily –

I am so sorry to hear about your father AND I am so glad he came to know the peace of a recovered you. What a blessing to you both!!

My fathers did not have a recovered me when they passed – and they were not recovered either. I lost my biological father in 2003 – I was 34 and he had just turned 60. I didn't have a relationship with my him from age 12 to 21 – mostly because my mother did not encourage it. Slowly, he and I started over when I turned of age. I loved him but he was tough – strongly OCD, a perfectionist, extremely hard to please, and quite the curmudgeon with a quick temper. Upon returning home the last time I saw him, the first thing I told my husband was there is not enough Prozac in the world to put up with that man. He died of a stroke a week later. I know he loved me – but he didn't show it easily.

I lost my stepfather father in 2005 – he was 62. He was an alcoholic and later probably medicated himself with prescriptions. He loved me very much and was very proud of me. But he had his demons that caused him to hurt me a long time ago.

Would it help you to know that I am reading your blog daily – re-reading your posts and comments – putting your voice into my head. The one piece of advice of yours that rises above all the others is to stop being selfish! I know what I need to do and just need to do it. Thank you so much for writing! You are helping me so very much! I hope it brings peace to you to know you are inspiring me and so many others to change, save and improve our lives! - k

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