Hi Ben, Happy New Year to you too.

The way I see it we're all individuals, prioritizing to our limited time, energy and resources, and at the same time trying to make room for each other's priorities.

From within the crowd of us individuals, someone especially frustrated cries out, "This sucks! The world's priorities are wrong! I can see it because I think for myself! and my life experience tells me what is wrong! Those of you who don't have my life experience can't see what's wrong. The world must change. People in my situation deserve better!"

These people become leaders or cranks, and leaders of great important movements and horrible ones.

In the meantime, we all continue prioritizing. When our conversation turned to you making these arguments, given everything else on my list of things to do, I stopped responding.

I don't agree with you that the individual is generally left out of the conversation, and when I hear you say it I get the impression that you're not thinking about all individuals but the individuals that matter most to you, first being you yourself, to which I say yup, I too feel that way sometimes. Such is life.


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