Okay, so with Haddaway off to the side, I'd like to say that you, Doctor, have made some very good points. Now that I think of it, I guess love is a force of nature, but possibly not for the same reason. I believe love on a human and earthly scale is just whatever jiggles around up there in our noggins. If one was born without the right parts, love would be absent, and if all animals, in particular mammals, didn't have the right parts, that force would exist. Also, think back to those horrible documentaries of the formation of life. It wasn't love that was keeping the organisms alive. Because I am far from an expert, I can't say when animals could love (or when animals existed), but before that point...
But what about the different types of love? I love my food. I love my family. I love my lover (go figure). I love my dog. I love the [sports team here]. I love my hobby. And lets say I love my fictional Aunt Betsy...so I love her by default (because of family), but I don't...err...like her. Who hasn't had that family member who you love, but being in the same room for more than a few minutes has the potential for hair ripping, black eyes, and numerous deposits in the swear jar? In this scenario, love has no force but to make sure both her and I brag about excellence in our Christmas cards. And it's true that love wasn't earned because we are family. It was just there.
Comments anyone?

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