Are you sure about this visualizing thing? I'm sorry but this idea of visualizing, or seeing something in your mind sounds like the biggest hoax ever invented to scam people. I can appreciate the benefit in believing in something to achieve a goal and having a tangible object to help motivate me but the notion that people can see something in their mind is, with respect, the biggest bunch of BS that could be invented. I'm all for positive thinking and I'll believe there's a correlation between what I wear and who I am but what you're describing with visualizing something that's not there sounds like poppy cock. Do you have a photographic memory that somehow allows you to see stuff in your mind or maybe I don't have a photographic memory and that's my issue. I have to ask how one imagines some mental thought? I also have to ask what do you actually see? For me, the image I see when I close my eyes is the blackness of my eyelids.

The idea of mental imagery is an interesting concept but that's all it is.
Maybe I'm missing something.

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