Dear Maribel, I have first hand experience with this subject, and thought you would find my thoughts on the matter relevant and possibly surprising. Today on the day of this post, I am healthy minded and sober/clean from all drugs and alcohol. But this was not always the case. In fact after a head injury and back when I WAS NOT clean/sober. I explicitly remember LOSING my inner voice. It is a totally different sensation/experience of reality. My inner voice eventually returned after recovering from the injury, with time, and after I stopped taking both the prescribed painkillers (morphine, T3 etc) and all illicit drugs. Though I still vividly remember not having an internal voice... It is totally unlike anything I had ever known, I felt "simple" my day to day routines where driven only by images related to my goals (example: seeing Toothbrush and knowing my goals is to brush my teeth) and whenever I needed to recite something or create thoughts for communication, it seemed I could only conjure up the first thoughts to come to my mind without any sort of filter. And I would mumble and whisper to myself in Lue of the inner voice. But even when mumbling and whispering there was NO VOICE in my head. Images, occasionally. Other than that I found myself being almost hyper-aware of my surroundings with my incoming visual stimuli as the primary focus throughout my day.

The only other way I could describe this is that when I felt this way, It was like being "in the zone" CONSTANTLY with no alternative other than mental images (which occurred rarely)

If you are an active person or are often involved in sports like surfing, then you have a very firm grasp of what this "in the zone" feeling I'm talking about is really like, if not, well you're out of luck because those are the only ways I can think to describe it.

Rest assured some people I know live their lives in this "in the zone" state constantly. And only after therapy and rehab did I begin to have an inner voice again

Also worth noting, during my recovery period and right after the head injury, I stopped having any and all dreams. Sleeping became nothing more than the sensation of falling asleep, and then, waking up (weird I know)... After rehab and post-recovery I have dreams every night and often I will Lucid Dream

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