I used to be one of those who thought circumcision was acceptable because of the cleanliness factor, because I personally find a lot of uncut men kind of smelly and crusty down below. But if it's just a simple matter of teaching boys to do a bit of a wash when they're in the bath, why do we chop off bits of their bodies instead? It's a bit drastic!

Also I disagree with the bit about Johnny getting circumcised because Johnny's dad did, and his uncles, and his grandpa, and becuase the other little boys will laught at Johnny in the bathroom. So what? Perhaps if more boys were uncut then they wouldn't be such a novelty. It would be like being left-handed - no big deal. And even if Johnny was circumcised like all the other boys, who's to say he wouldn't get picked on for e.g. wearing glasses or being short?

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