It is common for people suffering with depression and/or anxiety disorder to associate their recovery with various things they happened to be doing around the time that they noticed they were doing better. The most likely reason for your recovery, may not be what you want to hear. Often if there is not targeted therapy, lifestyle change, perhaps medication, it is simply down to time. Time passes, stressors pass, perhaps sleep stabilizes, a hobby is found, something pleasurable resumes, a book or something pointing to a new view, and so on. I should add that moving out of a depression/anxiety, does not mean that it is cured. Although it may be the case. Often if it is not dealt with in a thorough way, there is higher chance of relapse - often when there is a new “perfect storm” - of stressors, unexpected events, unhealthy habits, and so on. Which is why it’s so important to really go into the causes, the treatments, and to improve one’s resiliency from the inevitable chaos that life can bring.

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