sex in dreams is demonic and caused by satan, jezebel/marine kingdom forces. It is a trend not to be accepted all this modern psychological interpretations of spiritual things is nonsense and is an attempt for man to rationalize his bondage to sin. The true mean of sex in the dreams shows your lower nature, your carnal nature is in control.
It represents subconscious strongholds that can only be broken by belief in the righteous Messiah (Jesus/Yeshua) and the meditation on his word. Such meditation puts new life in ur soul that would automatically |(with faith) war against the negative strongholds in ur mind.
Though I will say some of the interpretation aren't a hundred percent off. They are a whole lot though. Sex in ur dreams reveals a gap in ur relationship/intimacy with God, so ur soul goes about seeking sensual intimacy that negative forces offer it as a temporal, bootleg false substitute for the enduring, fulfilling one that oneness with God brings.
All this subconscious, subconscious bs needs to be played down even those who are non Christians who are deeper in the occultic know that dreams are a bit more than just reflections of ur subconscious. Though that state of ur subconscious has alot to do with it.
Some times u may be getting raped by someone not far from u in the spirit or in the ashtral and u call it ur subconscious however if ur subconscious is in its rights position u will see ur self reppelling such attempts at defiling ur soul man.

from stuff i posted on another site

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