What if the dreams are some sort of a mental report of the day? What went on in your head during that day without you realizing most of it (not the actions that you went through but the deep down emotional and otherwise thinking that occured "at the back of your head").

I believe that our memory usually draws new creations from the most recent memories. I tried counting from 20 to 1 as fast as I could (engaging all my working memory) and then as soon as I finished I immediately thought up a random 3 spaces long number - the most common were the most recent (>5). So if this holds any merit then perhaps the dreams do the same. And if this is so then it could be some sort of a report ... ?

OR perhaps during sleep what we've learned is becoming embedded into our memory and during these process some of the neural connections can trigger to the point of a visual image. Are the "memory lanes" being hardened during sleep (short-term going into long-term memory)? Or perhaps just simple neuron network maintenance.

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