I support the research approach, but I nonetheless disagree with Sandra and all the people overhyping the MRI research. And I've been medically abused by a Cluster B person. I know personnally that getting your whole life to the "ahah!" moment can be the most excruciatingly painful experience one may live, and I've just been contemplating suicide lately. I need no lessons as to how Cluster B can be damaging.


First point: ranting about Cluster B personalities as NEVER convinced in any way that we are not retrofitting the "people that makes other people miserable" into the convenient medical "cluster B" hypostasis. I'm not claiming that research is faulty here, but rather that it's more descriptive than operative. To sum it up in a simple way.

Moreover, the important thing seems to me that Cluster B persons use the system... up to an irrational point, turning the justice system, the medical system and all the workers working for the "good" of society, into abusers. Rather than scapegoating individual persons and going doing the rabbit hole of "oh! these people are sick! treat them!", why don't we allow the system NOT to be repeatedly fooled, and allow the system to help cluster B victims?????

Let's get our priorities in good order before lambasting people that often have been abused themselves. I HATE being in the position of defending my abuser, but I HATE even more the @$!? that take pride in righting wrongs in the worst way possible. Adding insults to injuries is not the way to go.

And yeah... i do support Science. With a capital S. The one that builds up on rationality, reproducibility, attention to consequences, and takes its distance with both clinical bias and mediatic instrumentalisations of MRI scans...

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