Living in the empathetic fantasy land will cause much harm and destruction to your point of doing no harm.
Don't waste your empathy on those who know how to play the "I am rehabilitated, set me free card". These people play us and destroy our lives from the minute we are borne to them up to the minute we say absolutely no more!!!
It is the most courageous step, and the most painful, we will ever take. It is undeniably the most crucial for living a healthy life.
Being borne to them instills a sense of normalcy that sets a path of unhealthy relationships that will continue to destroy us. UNTIL we are aware and educated through people and services like Ms. Brown and The Institute. If you had the personal experience that Ms. Brown has, and that of her followers, I believe that it would clarify your understanding though I would not wish for anyone to have the personal experience.
I shared the books with my counselor and the therapy was more precise and concise. 3 years later, I still read, provide books for those who express need or want and value the education she and her team provides. Please redirect your empathy to those rising from the ashes of hell on earth and consider adding her material to your toolbox.

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