Mel - I am quite sorry for whatever bad experiences you have had. However, Sandra Brown is correct in her assessment of the damage that cluster B's do, and also about their inability to improve with therapy or change in any meaningful permanent way. Herve Cleckley's landmark study on psychopaths was called "The MASK of Sanity" - I think that you are in some sense still entranced by that mask, or perhaps you still in the game and trying to recreate a different outcome(s) this time. An authority in the field said that therapy is of no use with psychopaths, it only makes them more adept at manipulation. I'm sorry but I have seen and experienced that phenomenon firsthand. I also have consulted a psychiatrist who is also a professor at Columbia University School of Medicine, because of harmful exposure to a psychopath, and he wholeheartedly agrees with this position. Therapy is not effective, but detachment and/or minimization of exposure, is. It was thanks to Sandra Brown's work that I finally put the pieces of my personal situation in place, despite having been mislead for years into excusing the behaviors of the cluster B because he had had 2 brain tumors - and yet his parents, who did not suffer from brain tumors, were also cluster B. In the end, the rationales just don't matter, the behaviors do.

Best, ErasmusCat

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