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I decided to stop retracting it and let it stick back down. I figured that, even if he did have scarring that would require some kind of treatment when he was older, it would be better than hurting him every day when he was too little to understand why. All the inflammation went away, and it never hurt him again. By the time he was two, the entire foreskin remnant had loosened on it's own.

What's surprising is that more people don't realize that mankind survived quite well long before circumcision was invented. Not to mention that most men in the world are not circumcised today either.

It's also interesting that male medical doctors and researchers who are circumcised generally recommend it for scientific reasons. And their counterparts who are not circumcised tend to recommend against it for scientific reasons. Which is a fascinating example of how even our best scientists and medical doctors just cherry pick studies, facts, and make rationalizations to fit their preconceived beliefs.


Why is it that so many docs want to keep hurting circumcised babies' penises?

In most cases, those docs are themselves circumcised. Ultimately, that's why, though they will provide a whole lot of other reasons.


If there is no infection or functional problem with almost all penile problems, or things that are perceived as problems, there is no need to do anything to them.

Of course not. If it was a problem, evolution would have changed the penis over many tens of thousands of years. Instead, the current design of the penis resulted from those who proved they had the BEST CHANCE of surviving.


The fact that you refer to boys who have not had anything cut from their penises as "uncircumcised" is puzzling. We don't use terms like that for any other body part that had not been cut off. Women with intact genitals aren't "unclitoradectomised". "Uncircumcised" suggests that circumcised is normal, and/or that not having been circumcised is in some way abnormal, when it's really the other way around.

An excellent point. The bias is built right into the language. And women who have their natural breasts are unmastectomized.
I consider myself fortunate to be uncircumcized and uncastrated, with unamputated arms and legs.

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