All good questions. What women find attractive does indeed change over the menstrual cycle. Often they prefer more masculine males when fertile (for good genes) and more feminine males when not fertile (for fathering). These "mixed mating strategies" are used by both men and women in a number of ways. Short-term and long-term strategies also differ - and may be employed in parallel too. The idea of "she's looking for Mr. Right, but will hop in bed with Mr. Right-Now too". Or, even the idea of pursuing short-term sex as a gateway to judge long-term potential. All need to be sorted out as variables in future research.

That gets back to why I don't judge techniques - rather I go with what each person's goals are, and simply suggest what strategies might be effective to reach those goals. What works for/on one woman looking for a fun night of sex, may not be as effective for/on another woman looking to get married and have a family. I also forgo judgment because that alleviates some of the stigma, and therefore allows people to really say what they want, and want what they say. There is indeed a tendency, even in research to "self-censor" and give the P.C. response...not necessarily the "true" one.

Overall, we're all a bit complicated. Sometimes we have competing goals. Other times our head, heart, and gut have different motivations, and each are unaware of the other. That's what makes dating and mating both difficult and exciting. It is the process of figuring it all out within ourselves, then finding and attracting someone who matches. It also keeps me in a job helping everyone figure it out :)