This is an interesting article and an important topic. I don't have access to the study you refer to, but here is something to be considered if the study was carried out as you said. You wrote:

"Both men and women were surveyed in two studies - men for their use of the tactics, women for how attractive they found the tactics."

To survey people about which tactics they prefer is often very different than which tactics they actually respond to.

In a study titled "Gender and the Physiognomy of Dominance and Attractiveness (1985)," Keating tweaked aspects of different photos and asked men and women to rate the photos. It was widely found that women were attracted to more dominant--and older--faces. Other studies have found that dominance gestures are found to be more attractive to women.

This isn't to say that there isn't a relationship to dominance response and an inclination to casual sex. But surveying women for their preference of tactics only proves their logical choices and not their true emotional inclination. The two are often very different.

Eric Disco