Dear David:
You may be partly correct that jealousy can sometimes be the result of low self-esteem and depression, but it can also be the result of high self-esteem and legitimate claims to your own rights. Not all jealousy is irrational-it's not always based on distorted thinking. Furthermore, jealousy---when it is legitimate and based on betrayal---can result in depression. I think that it is not entirely correct to view all jealous people as simply "neurotic". Indeed, if you were involved with someone who claimed she loved you but really wouldn't have any jealous feelings if you had sex with someone else---I think that you would either doubt she loved you or wonder if she were having an affair. David Buss has a great quote about himself. He said that when he was in college he thought he would have no right to demand that his girlfriend had to be faithful to him. "I don't own anyone". And then he got a girlfriend and changed his mind. Jealousy seemed like a perfectly human emotion.

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