my jealousy isn't of another person its the dog. call me crazy. but since the dog came into our lives he gets alot of attention. I mean its kind of pathetic when my boyfriend looks at the dog adoringly. I have outburst on it and now that I have also realized I have been suffering severe depression because of loss of job, good income, and then was in an accident that added to my financial burdens its irritates me when the dog gets all the attention. this jealousy and my depression is driving a wedge into my relationship because I act out and make my partner feel like cant do anything right. his result is to want to break up and us arguing every few weeks. This has been going on for 4 months now. I've just now came to the realization I need to get help for my problem so I dont ruin a relationship that was solid and happy before. he just can't understand that I get jealous of the dog. laughs at it.

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