"They were emotionally arrested in development at an early age. Where does this come from?"

It comes from the MOST TERRIFYING NIGHT TERROR KNOWN TO MAN: The "nekyia" aka "night sea journey" aka "Oedipus Complex". Here it is: http://www.flickr.com/photos/newvisions2010/5083497041/
Ring any bells? Do you remember yours?

Puer Aeternus

A night terror will visit this child
“…I pray the Lord my soul to keep”
Thanatos with gleaming eyes smiled,
“You will not leave with this sleep”

Selene demands, “Take hold of him”
Phobeter wields the ivory dream gate
The Midgard Serpent will swim
Dragon’s Tail is this child’s fate

“…And if I die before I wake”
Hypnos tends to the entrance poppies
“I pray the Lord my soul to take”
"Somnum ei inductum" makes two copies

Night gods frighten the Endymion waif
The Oneiroi cave causes him to quiver
Phantasos’ dreams will keep him safe
Between the banks of the Lethe river