While it's true that there are many multi-media distractions with which children must cope in our modern world--texting, tweeting, electronic surfing as well as a dramatic increase in multi-media advertising messages --the underlying reason that it is harder for children to learn social skills today is because parents are not teaching them. Parents have chosen to focus on preparing their children to be competitive rather than collaborative, confrontational instead of considerate. As a result, regardless of how a child turns out as an adult, he or she will not have gained the proper social intelligence or leadership skills to fashion a happy life and successful career. They might be kind people, but they don't have the tools to navigate the social or professional worlds to achieve their full potential. With all that we know, it’s a mystery to me how parents can continue to be so short-sighted and unenlightened. Today’s children will be in charge of the world tomorrow. It’s time we paid attention to teaching children to fit in and live harmoniously with other humans instead of how to best them. We can still compete, but we should do it with style, grace, respect and fairness.